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Earn more than 1000 $ WITH MOBILE APP

How to earn more than 1000 dollars in Admob ads

Recently, many people have heard of profit from the Internet and want to start working from the Internet, but they do not know which field is most suitable for them. 1000 dollars per month and this site that we will explain in detail in the Google Admob platform.

Profiting from Google Admob ads is among the best areas to profit from the Internet, through which you can make thousands of dollars per month from Admob ads, and all you have to do is create a specific application or buy the application and then upload it to the Android Play Store and The App Store for iOS, and in the end, you add Admob ads in your application, and all these steps we will explain in this post in detail.

I will put in your hands everything related to profit from AdMob, and we will explain it in detail, so read this very article to get the most possible information.

How to profit from Admob ads

The Admob site is among the best sites for profit from the Internet, and you can earn more than 1000 dollars per month through it. It is enough for you to know that the Admob platform is a branch of the giant Google, and this is sufficient evidence that the Admob site is 100 percent honest, in addition to that Very profitable site.
And now you will ask me how to profit from Admob, I will answer you simply: the profit is through applications, and all you have to do is create a specific application from the ground up using the programming language, or by purchasing the application you want in a company, and then You upload it to the Play Store on Android, the App Store on iOS, and finally, you add Admob ads to your application.
A note mentioned in some wrong sites, which is as follows ⚠: “And for every 1000 views, you will earn a percentage of the profits, and it is very similar to profit from YouTube where you prepare a video and after that, you add ads within your video, and for every 1000 views you earn a percentage of the profits.” ".
The correct answer is: Profit from Admob ads is by clicking on the ads, not the views.

What is Admob?

Admob is a branch of the giant Google, and this site specializes in advertisements that are found within applications, as it allows game and application designers to earn money through their application by placing ads on it, and the thing that distinguishes Admob from other sites is that the cost per click Very high compared to competitors.
So if you want to earn through applications, I advise you to rely on Admob because it offers high profits for clicks on ads.
What is the difference between Google Adsense and Admob?
Many ask about the difference between Google Adsense and Admob, whether is there a difference between them in profits, whether are there different accounts, and what is the relationship between them?
The answer to this question is very easy and does not require much knowledge in the field of Google Adsense, but as long as we are on the topic of profit from Admob ads, we must show the difference between them.
The parent company is "google", and this company has many branches, including (Google Adsense, Admob, and YouTube).
Those who work on the site and place Adsense ads find profits in the Google Adsense platform.
Whoever works on YouTube and places Google Adsense ads, the profits appear in YouTube statistics, and then every month they are transferred to the Adsense account in the “Adsense for YouTube” section.
Who works on applications and puts Google Adsense ads, profits appear in Admob.
The original is Adsense, but Google separated each one to know the profits of YouTube, the site, and the applications.

Admob site features

Admob is among the best sites for making money from applications, as the site offers you several ads, and all you have to do is add those ads to your application, which contain different sizes and roles, and you will earn by clicking on the advertisement. Profit through applications, I advise you to rely on Admob for several reasons, including:
It is the strongest in terms of profit on other platforms.
Profiting from Admob ads is the best and most powerful way to profit from the site and YouTube, the reason is often due to mobile ads that are high in price because most people use smartphones, and advertisers target phone-specific visits more than the office.
The site provides many advertisements

The thing that distinguishes Admob from other sites is that it has a lot of ads, which you can add to your application, as many advertisers pay thousands of dollars to show their ads to people.
There is no doubt that Google is the strongest and best in terms of profit from ads, and for this reason, Admob is a strong competitor to alternative companies.
Accurately know the statistics

You can get accurate and detailed statistics by linking your application to the firebase program, which enables you to know all the statistics of your application, through which you can learn about the advertising revenue in addition to the profits of in-app purchases and many other statistics .., and all you have to do is to connect an application with firebase.
Steps to earning through Admob

As we all know that Admob is among the best advertising companies on smartphones, as the site offers you a set of ads and all you have to do is add it to your application and then earn money from everyone who clicks on the ad.
If you really decide to start earning through Admob ads, and you want to earn more than $1,000 per month through Admob ads, then you must follow some of the steps that we will explain in this paragraph, and you should focus well on these steps.
Own an Admob account

This step is the most important step to profit from applications, as you will not be able to profit from your application except by adding advertisements to it, and to add advertisements to your application, you will need Admob, so if you really want to profit from applications, you must create an account on Admob, and open an account on it, you only need to follow these steps:
  • You must log in to Google or Google Chrome browser, whether on your phone or computer and then you will type “” in the search box.
  • The main interface of the Admob website will appear, all you have to do is click on the word "Start here" to open an account on Admob.
  • After you click on start, the site will ask you to fill in some information such as the country of residence and choose the time zone in addition to choosing the currency, and in the end, you agree to the terms and conditions of the site.
  • A new interface will appear to you, containing many options, and all you have to do is select "Yes", and at the end, you click Continue.
  • It will ask you to verify ownership by adding the phone number, and then it will send you a text or voice message, of course, after you receive the code, you install it and then verify.
  • Create the app.

This stage is among the most critical steps to profit through Admob, as if you do not have a specific application, you will not be able to profit from Admob ads, and there are many ways to create paid and free applications, and the famous way is through the programming languages of the language of java simply because it is the language responsible for creating applications.

Method 1: Create applications using programming languages

If you are fluent in java or Payton or just learning the basics, I advise you to do the work by creating applications with high profits, as this method is the best because simply you generate the application through one of these languages.
  1. have . language
  2. Payton. language

The second method is: Create applications by using free sites

This method is the best if you are not fluent in programming languages, but need some money because you will enter one of the free sites, for example Fiverr or UPWORK...etc, and then you will look for someone who provides an application creation service You will pay him to create an app for you.

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