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Profit from UPWORK : The way to add your first service to UPWORK, this is what we'll learn from this post on UTRADE MARKET blog. At the end of this post, you'll know the most important things to write to add your first service to UPWORK.

Also in this post, I will give you tips and information. If you stick to them, your services will be accepted the first time and you won't need to change them many times for acceptance.


What is UPWORK WEBSITE and how does it work?

UPWORK is a buying and selling site for microservices, starting at $5 , through UPWORK you can buy or sell any service you know about.

In order to guarantee the rights of the seller and buyer, Upwork acts as an intermediary in this process, for its workers $1 for every $5.

After you automatically select a service that you would like to provide on a UPWORK site, you will then be asked how do I successfully upload or add that service to a five-year site in the correct way? Avoid refusing this service for any reason.

Through this article I will try to detail some things you need to know before starting to add any service to the site and provide you with many tips for successfully and professionally adding this service without being rejected by site management.

What information do you need to know before you can start adding a service?

After you create an account on a UPWORK site and log in to your home page or control panel, and after you press the Add New Service button, a page will pop up asking you to fill out some data and information.

With this paragraph we will try to show the correct way to populate each of these statements in a correct and professional manner.

First element: Service Title.

Through the service title try to explain to the buyer what you will offer for $5. This is considered one of the most important items for your service lift on UPWORK . Pay attention to it so you can write it professionally and without mistakes.

Tips and information for writing a professional and error-free title

  1. Besides the miniature, the title is the item that appears in front of visitors to upwork or buyers, if you will, and with your interest in it, you will make the services you provide more competitive.
  2. In the title there are some data and information you cannot provide through such as: Price of service and some symbols or words such as "exclusive", "first time", "professional"...
  3. Pay attention while you are typing the title. It's one of the items you can't modify later
  4. Do not put numbers or numbers for your service into the title: for example, write "I will write you 5 articles for your blog". If you decide to modify the number of articles you submit through the service, you must delete the service and resubmit it. The title is an element that cannot be modified after the service is accepted.
  5. Let the buyer understand your service from the title  alone. This will help you attract a lot of potential customers to push your service, read its description and why not.

Second element: Service classification.

Classifications on the UPWORK site are divided into general and special classifications. After selecting a generic classification for your service, you must select a generic classification for it and also select a special classification for it.

Some tips and information to help you rank well for your service.

  1. Along with the title Classification of services from information that cannot be modified after your service is accepted by the Five Site Administration, you must place the service in the appropriate category before it is submitted for review.
  2. Your accurate and accurate rating of the service you are providing will greatly help make this service a success on the UPWORK  site.
  3. If you do not find a specific section where your service is covered, try classifying it as the nearest service section or rating.

Third element: Description of the service.

If the address is the item that attracts the visitor to push the service thumbnail, your service description will make the visitor into a buyer for the service you are providing.

The service description element must include all the information and details about the service you are providing. You must therefore pay close attention to it and write it carefully.

 Tips and information to write an accurate description of the service.        

  1. The Service Description is a dataset and information you can modify after accepting the Service from the site. With the Description you can make tempting offers to visitors to the site of UPWORK to attract them to purchase the Service you provide. Of course, these offers can be modified at any time.
  2. You must also specify in the description what you will offer the buyer, how you will offer it and how long it will be offered.
  3. Do not mention the service price in the description as well. If you mention the service price in the description, your service will be rejected by the site.
  4. An accurate description of your service prompts visitors to purchase your service and also prevents you from being rejected by the site because it is unclear what you will offer the buyer.
  5. For example, you cannot provide a professional article-writing service, and you can find dozens of spelling and grammatical errors in a description that does not exceed ten words or 20 words.
  6. In the description the site gives you the ability to type 600 characters, so try to mention just the before and the before without stuffing and without leaving ambiguity in service.
  7. Avoid placing external links in your service description. The site will deny your service if you put external links as your blog link or YouTube channel link... Your service will be denied because of these external links.

Item 4: Service Fair.

The service gallery enables you to add a thumbnail to your service, as well as samples of what you will offer the buyer. You can add up to ten files, which can be photos, videos, etc. depending on the service you provide.

Service Gallery tips and information.

  1. A service gallery is one of the items that you can modify in the future, i.e. after accepting the service you can modify the thumbnail or service gallery in general.
  2. You can of course use a website on the condition that they are free of charge, do not have property rights, are of high quality and represent what you will offer through the service. You can add them to the photo gallery and the service thumbnail; you can use PIXABAY for exemple.
  3. Avoid pointing out what you're about to offer with the service on the thumbnail. This is a service description on the thumbnail so your service will be rejected.
  4. If you're serving design, thumbnails and logos... It's unbelievable that you're adding photos from Google or other free websites to the service show. From the very first glance at the pictures, the buyer will get the impression that the photos are of your design and will avoid having to deal with you. then you have to learn design with photoshop, adobe illustrator.. you can downmoad them from here; or you can use also CANVA website and design online.

Fifth element: keywords.

Keywords are what helps your service to appear and helps make it more competitive. You should work with your keywords to choose them carefully so that they will make it easier for your service to appear in your search results on the site; you can use google keyword planner frome here.

Element VI: Service delivery time.

Of course, attention should be given to the delivery time. The buyer can cancel the purchase of the service if the delivery is delayed on time, so don't make the delivery time too narrow and insufficient to complete the service, and don't make it too long for you to be a reason for losing clients.

Element VII: Buyer's instructions.

The Buyer Help is an item that appears only after the service is purchased as the name of the item implies.

From there, you can ask the buyer for the information necessary to start executing the service.

Element VIII : Service developments.

Since the base price of a service on UPWORK site starts at $5, this is where the service development element comes in so that you can add other features and other developments to your service that the customer can purchase.

The Service Developments element is one of the items that you can modify even after accepting the service from the signatory, so if you do not want to add updates to the service at the outset, you can add them after obtaining sales for your service.

Of course, after adding and filling out all these items as mentioned, now add the service and your service will be shown to the upwork Team for review, which will take approximately 24 to 48 hours and you will be answered with no or acceptance.

I have finished this topic here. I hope from the bottom of my heart that I have given you some information and advice that will help you to raise your services without any problems and to make your first dollars online. God send you good bye and peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be you.


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