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a YouTube channel idea that working- with tips for beginners!

a YouTube channel idea that working- with tips for beginners!

Questions about ideas for creating a successful YouTube channel or YouTube channel ideas are among the questions we are constantly being asked, whether through TRADE MARKET blog post in social media.

So after researching this topic, I thought I'd go through this article with the idea of a successful channel on YouTube, whether I want to create a YouTube channel without appearing in front of the camera, or whether I want to appear in front of it. I hope that you will agree with the idea that I am going to present to you through this article.

There is no doubt that everyone, wherever they live, travels continuously either locally within their region or city of residence or nationally within the country in which they live.

So the idea of this channel, which is to create an TV channel in your country, is going to be based on the country where you're based, where we're going to rely on this country to create content and upload it to YouTube.

So the idea of building a channel that identifies the country you're in, among the best ideas for a profitable YouTube channel, that doesn't require you to have experience in a field, you can easily create a channel and start uploading content with simple things, so that you can start photographing your environment, for example, at the beginning of the channel.

Or, if you can't provide the imaging tools, talk about known areas of your city without going into the real world and photographing them, but you can download photos of them from Google and create a video based on them with a caption of your voice.

Through this post on TRADE MARKET, I will try to offer you some ideas and tips that you can build your channel around.

Is the idea of creating an TV channel in your country a profit opportunity from YouTube?

There is no doubt that starting to build an introduction channel in your country on YouTube will be an opportunity for you to earn your first dollars online, or to make a profit on YouTube in particular. A lot of people make good money on YouTube through these channels.

What information will I provide through this channel?

If you are living in a country that attracts a lot of tourists every year, this is one indicator that will help you build a successful YouTube channel.

The fact that the country in which you live attracts a good number of tourists every year means that the country has the qualifications to be eligible for this, such as historical monuments, local food, landscapes, conference festivals, seasons...

These and other factors are important sources of content you will be presenting on your channel and will help you build your own successful channel on YouTube.

Even foreign tourism aside, if you can't translate the videos you're submitting on your channel, you can just travel or watch your videos by local tourists. So there are a large number of people in the same country who have not visited all the cities and tourist areas within this country.

Try to read all the paragraphs of this article, any line of it is good for you, including either advice or an idea.

There are many channels on YouTube that are working on this idea, and my preparation for this topic has noticed that these channels attract a huge number of views on a daily basis, and in the YouTube profit dictionary the views are worth the profits.

What's the first step I have to take?

To be more practical, the first step you have to take is to create a new email that isn't linked to any website and log on to YouTube to create a channel on it with simple steps. I'm at the disposal of the signal that if you have any problems at this point, you can communicate with me via the comments below this post or through our YouTube channel comments.

Specifying your channel on YouTube

With respect to the idea of a channel that we're talking about, you can create a specialized or public channel, depending on what you have.

In this paragraph, we'll try to help you select the discipline “Al Nish” around which you will create your own channel. By answering these questions, you will be able to choose your own channel's field of specialization:

  • The first question is, will you talk on your channel about the country where you live in general or only about the city, village or region where you live?
  • Question 2: What is the nature of the content you will be presenting on this discipline you have chosen? Meaning are you going to talk about everything related to your channel idea? Or will you allocate your channel to just one thing?

Example: Create a channel to just talk about the customs and traditions of your area and its origin.

  • Third question: Who is the audience targeted by your channels? Will it target only the people of the country where you live, or will it target Arab countries, or the whole world?

- This question is very important. It is one of the determinants or factors that will influence the content you will present. If you target only the people of the country you live in, you will speak only in the local dialect. If you target the whole world, you will speak English.

How do I get content for the channel I created?

After we have created the channel and determined its specialization, we will now move on to producing content to upload to it. In this regard, you can obtain content for your new channels through one of the following ideas:

  1. by creating a video that addresses a known historical monument or tourist attraction in your city or country.
  2. by creating a video on the customs and traditions of your region or country.
  3. by taking videos of and commenting on landscapes in your city or country.
  4. Speaking of a historic city in your country, for example: the cost of visiting it, the means of transport available to it, the food that a visitor to the city can eat, the lodging...
  5. by creating a video about the history of your city or your country and about the civilizations that lived in your city or your country.
  6. by making a video about the origin of a historical or archeological teacher, for example: who built it, the origin of its age, the date of its construction, etc...
  7. by talking about historical, political or artistic figures that your country or city is known for.

How am I going to make money on this channel?

Most of the owners of these channels, for their profit on YouTube, often rely on profit from Google Ads. In fact, there are many other ways to profit from YouTube that you can rely on for profit from your YouTube channel, for example: Commission marketing, corporate advertising through your channel...

In general, any method of profiting from the Internet is just about building a constituency and gaining its trust, and everything that comes after that is going to be pretty easy. However, the most difficult stage is the building of the canal and gaining a fan base.

Tips that will benefit every beginner and help him build a successful channel on YouTube.

As I mentioned in the title, I have to offer some advice that I think is necessary to know, such as general advice and others that are related to content or the idea of a channel.

First tip: One of the most important and most precious pieces of advice you can hear, which is, if you want to make a profit on YouTube, you have to be patient and do continuous work. If you think you're going to make a profit on YouTube from the first month or even a year, I don't recommend you start at all.

If you ever fail, remember my advice: Keep posting content and keep in mind that there are thousands of people making fantastic profits on YouTube, starting from scratch like you.

Don't make profit as a goal at first, and work on the basis that you won't profit from this channel until a year later, so that during your first month you don't get frustrated and leave creating content and uploading videos.

Always try to look at your country or your city as a visitor so that you can properly convey the message and information through your videos.

Try to organize your work and write down any thoughts that you may have thought from the moment on a piece of paper so that you don't get distracted and lose thoughts that would have turned into videos.

  • First, try to minimize the cost of making videos, such as by uploading videos of what you might see in your city.
  • While you may initially find it difficult to produce your first videos and prepare them for publication, over time and through experience you will gradually gain skill in shooting and producing videos.
  • Always try to ask yourself the question: Is this content I create and upload on my channel worth the time of viewers and worth watching?
  • As you share a video, you should be concerned with keywords and semantic words and describe the video well, and not upload the videos like that without attention to title, description, and semantic words.
  • Don't dwell on it. Just start shooting and executing any thought you have in your mind. A lot of thought will make it seem complicated to you and easily give up.
  • Try to take advantage of other people's thoughts, follow the channels that produce videos in your own field, try to replicate their ideas, and be creative to compete with them.




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